C’est la Vie

April 8, 2011

DISCLAIMER: just wanted to get some thoughts out of my head during my lunch break

Definition of an up and down day:

Up: saved a lot of money on an eye exam for which I don’t have insurance coverage.

Down: Saved the money because the exam revealed a potentially serious medical issue allowing it to be covered by my medical insurance.

While I’m glad to have saved money I don’t really have, I would have gladly paid the full cost to have been dealt a clean bill of health.

Still, what is one to do when they get news like this? Does one wallow in self pity, cry about the situation and continually feed the cycle of negativity? Or should one simply take the news as it comes, deal with the problems that may crop up, and hope for the best?

I quoted a line from Aesop Rock yesterday when I was processing the aftermath of my eye exam:

“Life’s not a bitch, Life is a beautiful woman, you only call her a bitch because she won’t let you get that pussy”

and I think (language aside) it is a very appropriate statement. We always want what’s best for us out of life (naturally) and we think we deserve to only have good things happen to us. However, life doesn’t work that way. We can’t always score. We have to work hard in all aspects of life. Professionally, socially, even in regards to health, we have to work hard to be where we want to be. And even if we put in a supreme effort in all regards, there will be times where we stumble and fall.

It is in those key moments where we find ourselves on the ground, paralyzed by fear and unsure of our next step, that we need to get up, brush ourselves off and ford the river once again (to quote Oregon Trail haha). There will always be challenges in life, we just need to have the courage to face them head on.

I went into the eye exam yesterday thinking at worst I would be needing glasses after years of thinking my eyesight was infallible. I never dreamt that I would be exiting the office with the nerve wracking knowledge that surgery or a lifetime of medication with very little results are real possibilities in my future. But in the end, it’s all good. Either outcome would not be the end of the world. So to hell with wallowing in self pity. C’est la vie.

I bet it would suck to go blind though.

fording the river

fording the river


One Response to “C’est la Vie”

  1. Reena Says:

    Norm, I’m sorry to hear you got some bad news, but you’re attitude is amazing. Be resilient. It’s all we have.

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